I have been solitary since morning. When I got up for morning prayers at five, saw that Son had already left for his job. When I came to the kitchen to make breakfast for myself, I found that there were no used plate, or cup in the sink. This meant Son forego his breakfast, and left without eating anything.

At twelve I got the call from him, saying he had finished early and could I make him a paratha, and omelette? Of course I could. 


He is now getting ready to go to the mosque for the Zuhr prayer. He has told me there is a heavy contingent of police outside the mosque. Till Son comes home I will be worried. I can only say, “We are God’s beings, and to Him we return”.

Trump shows his concerns about the unfortunate, and sad happening in Barcelona, but he is totally unconcerned about what is happening right under his nose. He fans hatred with tweets, pouring on the flames to ignite them further.



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4 thoughts on “Solitary”

  1. Hope and pray , everything is peaceful out there . As a mother of two little kids – I already worry about the world they are growing up . I can imagine the worry , tension you have when things are not great in your immediate vicinity . Once a mother, always a mother. May Almighty grant you his blessings and peace upon your lives .

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    1. Thank you Manju. May Almighty bless you too, and blessings upon your little ones. Thank God, it was peaceful, and nothing untoward happened. It was wonderful the way clergy men from the church, and Rabbis showed up to show their solidarity.

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