Last month when I was visiting my daughter, and her family I saw a movie. Son in law FJ is addictive to movies. He is a movie buff. He has a good choice of selecting which movies to watch. I think I see more movies in a month when I am at FJ’s home than rest of the year.

The movie we watched was Get Out. It was a mystery thriller. It was chilling, horrifying, and it seemed so real. I was praying like mad for the young man who goes through terrifying circumstances. One couldn’t believe his girlfriend, and her parents, brother could be so evil.

The hero is induced into a trance. He is unable to move, and get out of the trance. I don’t want to give away the story. If you have time, and enjoy thrillers, do watch it. You won’t be disappointed. 

If you are weak hearted like me,  then don’t. I aged a hundred years with worry and anxiety in a span of an hour, and a half. I couldn’t leave without knowing whether the main character would survive. In terrifying scenes, I retreated to the kitchen in moments of stress, and took refuge in eating icecream.



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9 thoughts on “Trance”

  1. I only watch horror movies that has a killer and blood, gore or people getting killed when someone else picks it. Like you, Sheenmeem, in a home, I leave the room during scary scenes. In movie theater, I stare down at my skirt. But with suspense movies where you don’t know what is next especially mysterious ones, I can’t leave the room for fear of missing what is about to happen. But I like the more old style suspense movies like Hitchcock. No screaming, blood or gore if I can help it — the stuff of nightmares.
    ——-the earlier reply was interesting. Your use of trance is appropriate, Sheenmeem. It’s interesting to me that some people only know trance as a dance and not the original meaning. In a few religions, dancers go into an ecstatic trance. In the modern music genre Trance, I wonder if the people who originated that music form wanted the dancers to go into a trance. The music is boring (to me) and repetitive but it is easy to dance to it for a long time because your mind goes on hold (cuz it’s boring & repetitive, lol). It’s like you’re moving while meditating.

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