My left leg is again giving me trouble. The Sciatica pain has started, and the left foot is swollen. I need to see a doctor. I don’t want to go to the first doctor I chose. I had bad experience with her. I have to look up, and search for a new one, but I would prefer that my children did the search for me.

One easy solution was to lie down, and get my foot elevated. I had to get a spare pillow from the upper rack of my closet. To reach it was a problem. I should have brought a chair from the dinning area, or got a ladder from the outside. Feeling it would be too much of a botheration, I didn’t get either of them. I managed it with a cane I had with me. I angled the head of the cane towards the pillow in such a way to slide it down. I was lucky nothing else rained on my head, otherwise there would have been no rest for me.

I lurched to my feet when daughter texted me to remind me about the Solar Eclipse today. I looked outside, and it looked quite dark. Pushing the patio doors open, I looked at the sky. Dark clouds had gathered, and the sun had momentarily hidden its’ smiley face behind them.

I came inside to get my phone to take a photo. I got diverted in getting some other task done, and forgot. Later on when I wanted to, the clouds had gone away.



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10 thoughts on “Lurch”

    1. Thanks Norma. When I lie down, and have my feet elevated on pillows, the swelling goes down. But housework doesn’t go away by itself, and the swelling comes back.


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