I was asleep when my daughter’s text woke me up. She was the first to tell me about Hurricane Harvey hitting Houston. I got immediately worried about Son as he wasn’t home yet from his job. Soon after that Son let me know that he was on his way, but was shopping, getting the grocery we needed. 

Son told me to pack some clothes, and that we would be leaving for Dallas, as it wasn’t in the path of the hurricane. Earlier in the afternoon, I had watched my neighbor loading her car with several bags. At that time I had not known about the hurricane. I thought she was going on a holiday not knowing what was going to come. I usually watch tv in the evenings, that’s why I didn’t know.

Son told me there was a great rush at the gas stations, and long lines at the stores in stocking up on water, and other essentials. He had a case early next morning. We couldn’t leave right away as other people had done in our neighborhood. We planned to leave the next afternoon, before Harvey came at six in the evening.

It was IB’s weekend with us. Son went to fetch him. It got quite late, and in the end we didn’t leave home. I didn’t relish the idea of spending days in a hotel, plus the rush of many people on the road, and the tiring journey. 

I’m glad we stayed back, despite the ear piercing alarms from my iPhone on hurricane warnings, and the impending floods. Yesterday in the evening it was a tornado warning. Son was worried. He thought that the safest place in our apartment was the washer, dryer small space. He put chairs for us there to sit, a torch if the electricity got disconnected, bars to eat in case we got tombed in, and ofcourse water bottles.

IB the smart boy he is, pointed out to his father that his bathroom was a better place than the tiny place Son was getting readied for the coming emergency. It wasn’t safe even as the water heater was directly overhead. Son then shifted everything to his bathroom. Except for the lightening and thunder, and the torrential rain, nothing much happened. Son was stressing about the warning for two am, and that we should keep awake so that we could rush to his bathroom if the need arose.

I told Son to keep his belief in God that nothing drastic was going to happen, and we should all go to sleep in our own beds. That’s what we did. The danger is not over. The forecast is still for Tuesday. In the end we should pay homage to God to keep us safe in trying circumstances.



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