For no rhyme or reason M4 my eight years old grand daughter loves to make slime. She often asks for copious amount of glue when her mother goes for grocery shopping. Glue is one of the main ingredient. In the beginning her mother was surprised as to where the glue went. 

When no one is around M4 sneaks into the bathroom to get the liquid detergent for washing clothes. I’m not sure whether she adds shampoo to her basic recipe of slime. Next she goes to the kitchen, and adds some other ingredients to her mixture. All this stuff goes into a zip bag. She then puts it into a corner of the fridge so that it’s not discovered by someone.

The neighborhood girls from age six to eleven follows M4 around. One  reason is she is generous with giving away the slime to them. She has started a new trend among the girls carrying slime bags. M4 gets more innovative. She bought glitter when she went with her mother to the shops. Glitter is now another essential ingredient, and how I discovered it when I found my slime covered clothes in the bathroom. 

The glitter did serve its’ purpose. I wouldn’t have found the cause of why my clothes were stuck in some places. She had touched my clothes to remove them with her hands covered in slime. 



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