My long term memory has gone for sixes. The short one remains really short. It has always been a difficulty. My late husband was always annoyed with my handicap. He thought I did it on purpose, because sometimes my memory works, at other times it doesn’t. I do try to memorize. A common word can slip my memory, whereas I’m trying to locate, and it tries to elude me.

It happens all the time like last night. Within minutes I had forgotten the movie’s name I was watching on Netflix. There has been no cable since Hurricane Harvey paid us a visit. I got extremely bored after the absence of cable. Fortunately our Internet works. I finally juggled through the various remote controllers with Son’s guidance to settle on a movie.

Son came back from the mosque after saying his night prayer, and asked whether I wanted to go for a walk. I did because of the unending rains I hadn’t been out the whole week. A thought was prevalent in my mind that God forbid the end was near, and we were having a repeat of rain plus floods from the times of Prophet Noah.

I put the movie on pause, and scrambled to get my shoes. During the walk, Son asked for the movie’s name. I told him that it was a good movie, but I didn’t remember the name. See that’s how long my memory is!

Aug 31, 2017



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7 thoughts on “Memorize”

      1. Today I asked my husband if he wanted to go to the gym, the car dealership, or home after we had eaten. He answered the gym, and am hour later when I was driving us to the gym, he swore that we hadn’t have that conversation. Most adamant about it.

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