It was the end of day, Friday — to be precise. I was tired as I had cooked too many dishes to please my Son’s palate since it was Eid day. He is happiest when he gets the food he likes. I put a little bit of everything on his plate, and pushed it into the microwave to reheat. The food remained ice cold. My first thought was: did I press the button? 

I put the plate inside the microwave again. It remained un heated. It dawned suddenly on me –the thing had gone kaput.

Today is day three of my life without a microwave. I made sure that Son had lodged a complaint with the powers to be at the management. The lady at the office told him that we will have to wait till Tuesday. Monday is Labor Day, and even then it’s not certain that anyone will come to repair, or replace it.

So my life without a microwave continues……..



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