Yesterday I was overcome, or overwhelmed with worry. For the past five days my right eye’s lid had turned red, was itchy, swollen, and now a discharge had started. I kept ignoring it, hoping it would go away on its own. I had never before faced this sort of problem. 

My first port of call is always my daughter. She is the level headed– the wise one. Nola told me not to worry. When the discharge from the eye started, I did started worrying. I hate going to the hospital, and try to avoid going for as long as possible. 

Normally I’m very particular about washing my hands after entering home. I must have neglected my routine, and touched my eye with a dirty hand. Son came home sooner than expected, so I called my clinic about an ophthalmologist to see me. Upon insisting that the doctor should see me yesterday instead of Monday, I was thankful I got an appointment for four thirty.

I got the antibiotic for the infection, and I hope it clears up soon. Meanwhile I’m putting up with a blurry vision, and watery discharge from my infected eye.



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