My sane self is very cautious about what I should eat, and what I shouldn’t. Mostly I adhere to the rules of eating healthy food, and to avoid sugary snacks. Sometimes my traitorous heart rebels, and takes over my saner self to disobey. 

Last night I quickly left the dinning area after Son sat down to enjoy his chocolate caramel cone. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to desist from getting one from the freezer. I have noticed that there has been a detoriation going on with my previous iron clad will. It’s no longer under my command. I succumb easily to eating desserts, and Icecreams. 

I will have to find a way to shore up my crumbling wall of sensible eating. How to do it I have no idea? 



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10 thoughts on “Disobey”

  1. I think, if you are not asked by a doctor to give up Ice cream, and… don’t be too hard on yourself. Some times things are not as bad as we think. but I offer you to give up soft drinks, and alcoholics.

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    1. I’m way too much addicted to ice cream. I abstain for a day , or two and come back to eating it daily which I feel is not a good thing for me. I avoid soft drinks, and as a Muslim I don’t drink alcohol.

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      1. It’s great to avoid Alcohol, and soft drinks, oh I didn’t know you are Muslim, Nice to meet you. I think you can control your diet, because in holy Ramadan you avoid drinking, and eating for many hours a day so if you trust on your power, and ask God you surely can. God bless you dear Sheen.

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