My will to resist sugary things have long ago crumbled. I’m like a famished person who hasn’t eaten for a while. As soon as I see a table laden with all the goodies I crave, I make a beeline for it. In those moments I forget the promises in all sincerity I made to myself– my plate gets laden, and it gets attacked like there is no tomorrow.

I have seen people like myself. I used to wonder why can’t they avoid sugary delights? Since I find myself doing the same thing, I can no longer blame them having a penchant for desserts. 

The more I try to avoid — the more it gets thrown right in front of me. My daughter arrived yesterday for a few days visit. The box of tea bags had finished. Instead of getting a chair to retrieve a new box of tea stored on the upper shelf in the pantry I asked daughter (was standing nearby) to get one down for me. She remarked that I had quite a few vermicelli packets stored on the shelf. In short I made the dish . 

I had more than I should have eaten.   

The left over dish:



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6 thoughts on “Penchant ”

    1. It’s vermicelli which is used to make a sweet dish. It’s available in Whole Food, and Indian stores here in Houston, Texas. In my home country which is Pakistan it’s specially made on Eid Day, or for parties.
      Normally it’s made with milk. Dried dates, and almonds are added to it. I made it the way my late husband liked it– sautéed it first, then added sugar syrup plus walnuts.

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