With superficial charm he did me woo

Fell for it without any clue

What struck me I never knew

My eyes opened after the issue

To save myself I couldn’t undo




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6 thoughts on “Superficial”

    1. No it isn’t a water color. I use my iPad for drawing, and using a pen which draws on it. The problem is I can’t draw properly, and the second one is filling the color. It seeps out. I don’t know how to correct the problem.

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      1. Don’t correct it! It looks cool! You have an ink or marker plus watercolor effect going. That’s really cool that you’re doing it on an iPad. I think it’s harder drawing on a computer pad than on paper.

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      2. Thanks for telling me. I thought something was wrong with my fingers for not drawing properly. I can draw a perfectly good circle on a paper, but the same thing gets lopsided on an iPad. It gets a mind of its own.

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      3. That’s a good thing. When a drawing is perfect, it looks a lot like other perfect drawings that other people make. When it has wobbly lines that look cool, like yours does, it gives it character, making it unique. Uniqueness is a good thing in art, I think.

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