I have succumbed to misery, sorrow and disbelief in life’s fairness. One of my tenent has not paid me rent since May this year. Now he is not answering the phone, or email. I feel he has decamped leaving me a mess of a house, and unpaid bills. What I’m dreading is that he must have left the electricity, gas, phone and Internet charges in my name, and how in God’s name I will pay for them.

I had never expected it.



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4 thoughts on “Succumb”

    1. I hope so too. The trouble is I can’t leave my son on his own. He is still awfully depressed over his wife having a divorce from him, and turning the children against him. I will have to go, and sort out the problem back home. It will likely take a few months, and my son’s condition will again detoriate in my absence.


  1. Terrible. I wish you the best in sorting this out. Can you talk to anyone at the place of worship to see if there could be a social group for your son while you’re gone, maybe to have some meals with? I don’t know if they have that, just wondering.


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