Daughter talks to me on Face Time nowadays, as she is no longer in Hartford. I usually put on the speaker phone. It allows me to multi task, and hands free while talking to her, besides my hands don’t ache constantly holding the phone to my ear

Most of my neighbors keep dogs. Some are so enamoured they have three instead of one. When daughter talks, she can hear the cacophony of noise offered by the neighborly canines.

Myself, I’m attuned to them by now, and my mind barely register the unholy sound emanating from their throats. For me it’s just a background noise. It doesn’t bother me. Even if it was a source of frustration, what could I do? I can’t go around banging my neighbor’s’ doors complaining to them about their pets.

Daughter was wondering aloud today, “How can you put up with so much noise? Why don’t you move from this neighborhood?”

I want to, and I have tried, but the matter isn’t in my hands. Whenever God Wills it, it will happen.



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