I think I must have written umpteen times in my writings about an umbrella as my trademark. I can’t go out without one. I would feel lost if one wasn’t in my hands when leaving home on an errand.

It seems my black shoulder bag has now taken over the vacant post held by the umbrella. I do have a multitude of bags, and purses, but I’m always short on time while leaving home. Using another bag means loading on the essential stuff, which I carry around onto to it. In a hurry I’m apt to forget an item, and after reaching the destination, I find I have left it back home.

It’s much safer to cling on to my black bag. It holds all the important stuff I might need. It’s another matter I might not need a single item, it’s all in the head. Sometimes I get muddled up, trying to reach its immense insides to find the paper, or the item I want, but apparently it decides at that exact moment to disappear. Though I know for sure it’s hiding there just to test the limits on how much I will perspire, or turn red with embarrassment while a que is right behind me, waiting for their turn to come.

My hands are clammy by this time, and if it was possible I would do away with myself at that moment to get rid of my embarrassment, and feeling silly in front of the person who is patiently waiting while looking steadily at me to procure the paper needed.



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