Gingerly I step onto my bed to pull the cord to shut down the fan lights.  I don’t like bright lights, unless it is exceptionally cold inside too. Then perhaps if they are on, it will create an illusion of warmth, otherwise I’m perfectly fine with a table lamp, or the standing light in the corner. Whereas Son comes to my bedroom (mostly he is using my printer), turn on the fan lights, and exiting he forgets to turn them off.

Running to, and fro on various errands, I feel warm, and turn on the fan, only to find the lights are on too.

I can’t call Son to switch them off, as he isn’t home at that moment in time. I have to climb onto my bed. Trying to kneel I feel the pain in my right knee. It hasn’t recovered from my car accident last year. I grimace, and manage to stand on the bed to reach the cord.

Every time I’m switching off the lights, and pain surges in my knee, I wish Son could remember that I don’t like those lights at all.



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