Last year I wanted a new iPhone. I wanted a silver color (like my old one) which wasn’t available. I waited a month, and a half for it to come. I cancelled, as they were charging for insurance too. This year almost the same thing happened. The only color available was black. I okayed it, cause  I didn’t want a repeat of last year. The shop attendant showed me a water proof cover for it. I bought it.

After getting back home, I discovered that the voice wasn’t clear. Besides that I wasn’t getting messages, or phone calls on the new purchase. My euphorbia over a new phone evaporated into thin air. I waited a day , or so for Son to be free so he could go with me. 

We explained the problems with the new iPhone. The attendant wasn’t helpful, and I felt more disappointed. He told me to find out after five days if he had more iPhones available. One option was to return it.

Coming out to the parking area I got an idea. I removed the cover, and told Son to get out of the car, and move away some distance, and then phone me. He did, and I found out nothing was wrong with the phone. We went back, and I chose another cover, returning the first one. 

I’m glad I did the experiment, saved myself another trip, and solved the problem on my own.

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