Our home is a mess, littered with boxes, and there is hardly any space left to move around. Some items are left for the last day to pack, and my blood pressure shoots up at the thought whether we will be done with packing on the day we are leaving. 

There has been bad news one after the other. First one was about brother in law A dying. Son and I bought the tickets, and then we learnt that step brother in law B has taken over the houses, land, money left for Son (as A didn’t have children of his own). A in his last will left everything for Son to inherit. B has taken the papers, and everything. 

Son was upset over his step uncle’s behavior. We never expected this from B. Two nights before we were woken up from sleep by the banging on our front door. “Open the door”. It was midnight. Both of us were apprehensive as to who was there, and frightened at opening the door. It was the police. Son asked them to show themselves, so that he could ascertain via the peep hole as to whether they were actually the police. Son went to the balcony to look at their vehicle. He then opened the door to them.

The first question was, “Do you have a gun?” Son’s answer was no. They started questioning him. After answering their questions, Son asked them why had they come? Their answer was so droll. They said that someone had reported that Son was going to commit suicide (God forbid).  They weren’t telling us the person’s name. We were astonished at how can someone make up a lie like that? 

The police stayed for an hour. After they were satisfied with Son’s answers they left. Son found out on his own as to who sent the police. Son had written on his Facebook account to his friend S that he was under a lot of stress. Soon all his friends knew. S is currently in Australia. He told his brother, who is a doctor in Oregon, and he alerted the Texas police. We took the police coming in a good way that his friends were concerned about him, instead of the intrusion at midnight.



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