A Happy New Year to every one — to you — to me. I need happiness badly. My new year began with tears due to the harassment from my step brother in law Bashir. It was a phone conversation from my late husband’s sister’s husband N. He has gone on board with Bashir telling me that that he, his children, Bashir, his brother’s sons have their share in my my village home, and land. 

Bashir’s greed leaves me furiously angry. I had never cursed anyone in my life before the new turn my life has taken with the death of my brother in law Aziz.

Where was their bogus claim when my husband was alive? Where were they when my brother in law Aziz was alive? Bashir is not satisfied by taking over Aziz’s assets, land and property. He is hungry for more. He is the puppeteer behind the scene trying to divert people’s attention from his own nefarious doings. He now wants to take over my property. He can only harass a widow knowing I am alone at his mercy. 

He has threatened to break the boundary wall, and locks in my home. My children fearing for my safety have told me not to go to the village, and leave immediately for US. I don’t want to leave till I sell my home, and land. I can’t turn tail by leaving mine, and my children’s inheritance to the likes of Bashir, and others. 

Their twisted minds pushes me into anger, and in frustration I’m polluting my mouth with curses on the likes of them. They are like vultures descending on me, and trying to frighten me.

I am going to file harassment charges against Bashir, and his cohorts. It’s the only course open to me.



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20 thoughts on “Conversation”

    1. I have already filed a harassment charge, and the Assistant Commissioner Charsadda has directed the local police to keep a watch.
      While I’m here in Peshawar, I don’t think Mr. B will try to take over my property. The danger is when I leave, and he knows I won’t be able to come back for another six months, his goons will try their hands. AC Charsadda has assured me that if anyone tried to enter my house, or take over my land, the person can land in jail for ten years.
      I’m trying to sell, but there is no buyer.

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      1. I hope so too. At the moment it’s too cold here, because of the load shedding of gas, and electricity, and ours is a brick house not centrally heated. I feel like running from here, but has to say put till the sale of my house, and land.


  1. I hesitate to comment here because I know it is not a private. Maybe before this is approved for posting, you can read and then delete. ❤

    I am one daughter in a family with three brothers. At one time, my father owned nearly 700 acres of land. Some of it was leased pasture land and the balance was farm land. When my father died, my mother sold some of the land because she was not able to look after it. It was hers to sell. When my mother died there was still quite a lot of land left, but my brothers and their wives plotted together to take it for themselves alone. My dear husband counselled me to give it freely rather than have them to add sin upon sin by taking it from me. He reminded me that we had not suffered any lack before the inheritance issue, and we still had a Lord in heaven who would look after us.

    I still dream of my childhood days where I rode the horse along the creekside where our cattle ranged. I still remember the fields of corn, vegetables and wheat that sustained us and our neighbors for the long winter months. There were evenings when I walked the country road under the stars with my brothers, and as far as we could see was our land. I realized my brothers could never take those memories from me even if they took the land. It was then that I was able to write my letter to say I gave it all willingly.

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    1. Thank you for sharing your story. My older brother has not shared our heritage with us sisters. I don’t mind, because God has been very kind to me.
      My step brother in law is being greedy. He knows I’m alone. He is trying to grab what is rightly belonging to my children, and me. I hope he never succeed in his nefarious designs.


      1. I am not sure about your customs, but I have understood that girls do not inherit because they use family savings for weddings. One lady I knew was in such a predicament. It was her country’s culture to give lavish weddings to the girls and then give property to the boys.


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