Son needed curtains for his room– the eclipse ones–dark, which didn’t let the light through. We spent a whole day at IKEA. While the bookcase and chest of drawers he wanted weren’t available, I was lucky in getting a rocking chair I liked. I had earlier wanted a blue covering. Not finding it in that shade, I opted for an off white one.

Son bought three pairs of curtains after spending a considerable amount of time in deciding. I despaired whether he would ever finally make up his mind.

The very next day Son wanted to have another look at curtains in shops we had not visited. He wanted a better deal. We began at Bed, Bath and Beyond. The ones he liked, I didn’t, and so on. It continued through the many stores we visited. My energy level went spirally down as the day went. I was tired, my feet ached, I was cold, and I badly wanted to get back home.

Son lectured me on the parking of my car. According to him, it wasn’t straight enough. I ignored what he was saying. You decide?



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