At a recent function where I was welcomed to my Son fiancée’s home, we all are wearing colorful clothes. Mine is the mustard, and yellow one. The girl’s parents had asked me to come over for lunch. I told them that I would be coming late as men would be working at making my veranda enclosed, and extended. I had totally forgotten that Lala (my older brother) had asked me to lunch too.

As I was getting ready to go, Lala phoned to ask me when I would be coming? It was a an embarrassing moment to realize that I had accepted two invitations at one, and the same time. I made my excuses to Lala, and hurriedly got myself in the car. We made it to the village, got the guide to direct us to the girl’s village.

Rabia’s parents had invited all their. close relations. I was showered with rose petals, as I got out of the car, and then garlanded. They had made it into a grand occasion. My cheeks were on fire, as I was on display with so many eyes looking at me. I wanted to shrink, and disappear. It took me some time to recover.

So you see we don’t need costumes. Our shalwar, qameez essemble are as colorful as costumes.


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