I’m not worried as to where my astral body will go after my death, but getting worried as to where I’ll be buried once I’m gone? I searched for a Muslim graveyard in New Bedford, then onwards in Boston. It doesn’t exist. I phoned the Muslim Centre there today. Let’s see what answer will they give me?

I wasn’t bothered earlier, cause I had told my children to take me back to Pakistan, and bury me alongside their father in his ancestral village. A step aunt got buried alongside my late husband, despite my telling everybody there. My place was gone.

Last year when I went to visit, I was all set to enclose a space towards the foot of my husband’s grave, trying to ensure that I would get buried there eventually. I gave up that dream once I encountered my evil step brother in law, and his greedy ways. I don’t want to see him even after death. I want to be a million miles away.

Now the question arises: where is my burial space?


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4 thoughts on “Astral”

  1. that’s a problem we all muslims face when living abroad. my uncle was buried – coffin and all – because muslims way wasn’t acknowledged. and a plane ticket at the time was too expensive – back in the 70’s, so he had to be buried above the ground and in a coffin.

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    1. How awful! I was worried, and found out there are no Muslims’ graveyards here in Massachusetts. Muslims are being buried in parts of Christians cemeteries. I’ll be speaking with the women here as to what’s to be done? Most people are not thinking of death, or it’s farthest from their mind. I think I will have to get over my vow not to be buried in the ancestral one.

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  2. In some states in the US you can bring the body home, whereas in others it’s not allowed.
    Son and I lived in Texas, but he resigned from his job, and wasn’t finding another one there. He accepted one in Cape Cod, so now we are in New Bedford, MA.
    Son and I, both miss Houston, TX. Hope someday we get back there again. It was our home away from home.


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