Our apartment looks kind of messy with boxes yet to be emptied. There is no storage space. Yesterday I had asked Son whether he will have some extra time in tidying up the corridor, and his room. What is he doing? Still asleep in bed, as I wait for him to wake up……

The first day I reached here, I was tired, and sleep crazy with the long journey. I was on auto pilot longing for sleep, when Son dragged me to the local mosque telling me he had arranged a dinner in my honor, and I had to be there. Later on he laughed when I confronted him on his bare faced lie. Actually it was a monthly get together of families, and everyone contributed a dish except for Son, and single folks like him.

It’s obligatory on Muslim men to say their five times prayer in a mosque. Thank God it’s not obligatory on women. They can say their prayers at home. At moments like these it gladdens my heart that I’m a woman.

It was supposed to be a get together this evening. Due to bad weather it has been cancelled this month. I had taken a bag full of chicken breasts to make Haleem. I have to utilize it, as it’s defrosted. I suppose I will have to put the rest of the Haleem in the freezer for another day.



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4 thoughts on “Messy”

  1. Assalaamu alaikum Sheen – I wanted to thank you for continuing to write (although I must admit I worry a bit when I don’t see anything from you for a while).
    My mum has just moved to live next door to my brother, and in doing so, has left her home of 43 years. It’s been heartwrenching for me, and for her granddaughters, as it is the home which they have always known and visited very frequently while growing up, and for me, it was bittersweet – the first time I left home was to attend University, then the second time was when I married and located to another country, and now I feel as if I’ve left home again, but with a finality that I had not expected to feel. Everyone teared up, including the girls.
    Thank you again – I sometimes wonder what my journey will be as I age – I find that you fill an important role for me in that regard.

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    1. Walaikum Assalam, I went in November 2017 to Peshawar, Pakistan to resolve some family issues, one of which was my step brother in law laying claim to my home, and land in the village. It is (and was) totally disturbing.
      I didn’t have net coverage. Even if there was I didn’t have time to write anything as I was running from pillar to post to find someone to deter my evil bro in law from his nefarious designs.
      Sorry that your mother moved away. Hope you are able to connect with her daily basis.
      I had a totally different experience from you as my daughter got married, and moved to US for higher studies. A few years later my son moved too. I felt miserable away from my children. After my husband died in 2012 I moved to US. At the moment I live with son. Once he gets married again, I might move nearer to my daughter.


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