Son, and I had been living here for months, but didn’t get time to go visit the Atlantic Ocean which is practically at our door steps. The seagulls swoop, and fly through the area where we live. Finding time was a necessity to go look at the ocean.

Then March was coming to an end, and both Son, and I had not filed our tax returns. The time was running out like time, and tide waits for no man. Mine was easier, while Son had to go through a lot more, so he decided to get it done from Houston. I got mine done at the local H&R Block, although I had mislaid some documents, but the chap doing mine had to contact the Houston office on my behalf.

Anyway coming back to seeing the ocean, it did happen.Son asked, “Want to see the ocean?” It was right beside the H&R Block. I breathed the sea air, and looked at the horizon finally.


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