One child of mine

I shall not name

Always assume the worst of me

Won’t let me explain

It hurts me no end

As I feel insane

Why does it happen

Is my constant complain



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3 thoughts on “Assumption”

  1. Aw, a sad poem. I think we’ve all been there with family members. Because we know each other best, we know where the other person’s pressure points are at. So we can sometimes end up causing each other pain by pressing those hurtful buttons.

    Very well written though, Sheen.

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    1. Thank you. I never assume anything about my children, family members, and friends. So when others in my circle ascribe their thoughts onto myself, and insist that’s what I’m thinking, I’m offended by their assumptions.

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  2. very nice poem … i remember my younger brother hurting me at the drop of a hat … but i think that’s the part of growing up… hope to see more of you around here now 🙂

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