Many years back I wanted to donate some money which I had saved, to a women’s organization which dabbed in charity work. After talking to the head of it, I learned (to my dismay) that small gifts of money weren’t acceptable, only large amounts were it. Needless to say I didn’t contribute my money to the organization, but spent it myself in charity.

People shouldn’t be shamed into contributions more than they can afford. Nowadays it’s the norm to invite people to iftari, or dinner, and told to contribute. The amounts are announced. Many in fear that they will look cheapskates in front of others gave more than they can afford. However small a donation should be accepted in good grace, and should be done in a quiet manner. After all many drops of water constitute the whole.

7 thoughts on “Donation”

  1. This is so true of my experience, I so agree, we shouldn’t be shamed into giving beyond our means or creating a class system of charity supporters. I’m glad you found another way, I have a siilar view and approach.

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  2. Amazing – that one could be invited to an iftar and told how much to contribute. Is it put out there as a fundraising iftar in the first place, as in purchase a ticket sort of thing? This so offends my interpretation of the purpose of iftar and the intent behind it.

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