Yesterday was a terribly fatiguing kind of day. I was fasting, and didn’t really wanted to go out. In the morning I had to go to the library to return the books I had recently finished reading. One was The After Wife by an author I had never read before. The husband dies suddenly in an accident, and the wife is devastated with grief. I felt a hole in my heart with sadness with why her husband had to die. He comes back as a ghost. The book was interesting.

Then Son announced that he was going out to fill his car with gas, so if I had any errands I should go with him. There were a few things I needed to do including getting a usb splitter for my laptop, so I accompanied him. My laptop has got only one port. When I remove the nano for my mouse from the singular port to connect an external drive, it becomes difficult to navigate.

I found out the prices swung from low to very high as much as forty bucks, and it was cheaper on getting it from amazon. Earlier Son was extolling that things were cheaper on amazon, and I wasn’t believing it. The prices are certainly less, but if one is getting one item, the shipping isn’t free, and then the cost moves up.

I was all for getting it from one shop we visited, where it was selling as a cute figure, and cost about five, or six dollars. Son put a spoke into my getting it, telling me it was better to get a newer version which is 3.1 than the old one which is 2.0. I had to listen to him albeit a little unwillingly, because he is right sometimes like I bought a small little thing like a sharpener which doesn’t work at all.

Earlier at home, in the morning I was searching for a sharpener. I knew I had two of those, but as usual when you need something badly, they do the disappearing act, and are not visible anymore. I looked even into my son’s desk to see if he had one of those, but didn’t find any. I wonder where do they go? I constantly bump into things when I don’t need them at all.

The useless one


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