A Fishy Story

I dread cleaning a fish. I would prefer if someone could present me with a fish without a head so that I didn’t have to see the fishy eyes. Now I realize why someone eyes can be labeled fishy ones. It’s totally unnerving to see those eyes.

A month back Son’s friend sent us a couple of fishes. I tried to take out the eyes of one of the fish. They wouldn’t come out. It was simply disgusting. My heart was literally in my mouth. I gave up, and asked Son to come, and help me. Son came, took one look saying he was busy, and couldn’t help me. It left me high, and dry. In the end I found it easier to chop off the heads rather than removing the eyes. The fishy eyes gave me the creeps.

Yesterday I spent quite enough of my time on chopping off the heads of two trouts Son brought home. I had to struggle to remove the fins with scissors. When that didn’t work I tried to locate a couple of knives to finish the job. The knives weren’t sharp enough, so I tried to sharpen the edges. That didn’t work even. Maybe the device I had was a dud.

I didn’t like the odor emanating from the fishes. I gave them a good dousing with vinegar, and lemon juice after washing them first. Then I sprinkled the various masalas I had on them. One I put in the freezer for having it another day, and the second one I had it fried for our evening meal along with okra, and flat bread.

Son enjoyed his meal, and pronounced it delicious, whereas I tried to obliterate the fishy eyes from my mind.

7 thoughts on “A Fishy Story”

      1. Non😭,cover the eyes with kitchen paper.
        The best method,you ask person who bring fishes to explain your situation and to take fish eye!😅

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