Just ✍️ writing

Yesterday while having my evening meal, I watched TLC. I’m amazed at the hooking up of women with younger men who are years younger than themselves. Both of them should have their heads examined. There must be some catch of which I’m not aware, because I see more, and more women doing it.

Another thing which I saw was fighting over issues which could easily be resolved. I kept wondering what they saw in each other. A woman who have some grey matter should think how much longer a young man would stick by her side once he gets his residence status. He would be forever sneaking glances at younger ones Marriage is a state of give, and take between a couple.

I personally feel women being a weaker sex should be preferably younger than men. Women after menopause age quickly, and besides she is the one who bears children, take care, and looks after her home.

Seeing the endless fighting soured my mood, and I switched to Hallmark, but that didn’t do anything to uplift, because it was showing murders. I left watching to say my Isha prayers, and prepare for bed.

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