Traipsing Up and Down

The washing machine on our floor wasn’t working. I kept waiting someone would try to get it repaired. Till now nothing has been done. Two days earlier my pile of dirty wash had steadily increased. It was time for action. I loaded the lot into a bag.

With high hopes that the machine on my floor must have started working, I looked in. Without looking at the dial, I loaded it, put in the detergent, and fabric softener— put in the card — nothing. It was then I literally woke up, and realized it wasn’t working.

Time to go on to another floor. The machine was chugging. There were still eight minutes to go. I went to to other floors, trying to locate which ones weren’t being used. I got befuddled at this point whether I was.

I returned to the first one. The machine had finished its’ cycle. I decided to wait outside for the person to remove his/her clothing. I played with my iPhone —- wasting time. No one showed up. Dejected 😞 I returned to my apartment.

Our apartment doesn’t have a washer/dryer connection. I told Nola (daughter) to convince Son in letting me buy a washer. She said it was a total No- No. She says it might malfunction, and if there is flooding I might have to pay a hefty fine. According to her we should shift to some other place. Son says when we shift to our own home we will have a washer/dryer. Between the two I’m waiting.

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