Check In

My last check in with my health care was somewhere on the third last day of March. It was scheduled about three months ahead. After going through all the tests, I was told that they would let me know when to come in next.

I had gone in there — a healthy woman, but coming out — an infected one. I got laden with all the germs infested in the health care center. It took me six weeks to recover with me vowing to myself, not to enter the premises again.

For the past many months I kept my vow. I managed to get any heath problems sorted with help from daughter, son in law, his doctor friends, and so on. I avoided the healthcare center.

After many months of silence, I’m being contacted for getting a mammogram from the aforementioned place. What is it about mammograms? My personal opinion is: it has been invented to torture women. I dread having another one. My last one was in 2016 in Houston. Tears streamed down my face, as I was subjected to it not once, but five times in a row. I think that experience should last me a lifetime, and I’m adamant not to undergo the torturous procedure.

My then doctor insisted, that she suspected there was something in my right breast, whereas I told her, I was fine. She sent me for the mammograms, and a cancer specialist. After getting charged for the specialist fees, she was satisfied I was okay.

I have questions???

Do these doctors get big bucks for making patients undergo mammograms, and colonoscopies? Whereas when we need some minor care, the doctors are not available, or give us an appointment two to three weeks ahead. We get well on our own, or get help from a private practitioner.

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  1. It has helped that my sister is an RN and suggests to doctors about changing our Dad’s medications, due to side effects. Surprisingly, they always agree with her suggestions and make the prescription changes. A scary thing for families who have no medical knowledge and continue to take whatever the doctors they go to prescribe, who may possibly be prescribing certain drugs for the $.

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