Only Chicken

Chicken, mushrooms, bell pepper topping for a pizza.

Every morning after breakfast my foremost worry is what to cook. When my husband was alive, I would ask him. To my regret he wasn’t helpful in replying, “meat roast, mutton tikka,” he would rather graciously add, “I won’t mind if it’s chicken tikka.”

I would reply, “Sorry, I don’t have those things on the menu”.

“Then why do you ask?”

The ball would be back in my court.

Most times the easiest thing was making mutton curry. I would put the meat in the pressure cooker, make the gravy, and add the meat when it was done. I would add potatoes to the mix, and mutton curry was ready to be eaten.

Getting mutton in New Bedford is just not done. We have these options: chicken, chicken, and chicken to eat. We are lucky to get halal chicken in big packages of forty pounds each from a place fifty miles away. That means I spend hours once in a while in making small portions for daily consumption to put in a freezer.

Now the easiest thing to cook is a pizza with chicken pieces, mushrooms, bell pepper, pineapple pieces, black olives, cheddar and Parmesan for topping. Love it!

5 thoughts on “Only Chicken”

  1. This is how cooking rolls in my home too. No issue during the weekdays but on weekends, mother and wife asks the gents in home.
    Same rule as yours follows in my home for the bulk buying and storing of raw chicken.

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  2. Alhamdulillah we live in a country where we can get all halal meats (mainly from private butchers) and recently we are actually able to eat something other than seafood when we eat out. There must be sabr in only being able to have halal chicken. We were in Bahamas recently, and similarly, they too only get the huge amounts of chicken wholesale, unless someone at the masjid is able to do the zabihah. And that question of what to cook is a perennial one:). The topping looks great.

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