What to Think?

After quite a while, I attended the dinner at the mosque. We said our Maghreb (evening) and Isha (night) prayers. Later on dinner was served. When we reached the mosque πŸ•Œ, a slight figure was walking πŸšΆβ€β™€οΈ up, and down at the parking site. He was a new convert to Islam. The mosque door was still locked, and poor thing he must have been wondering where everyone was, and whether anyone was going to show up?

Soon afterwards families with children in tow arrived. The children more interested in playing, and shrieking, ran in circles around their mamas. I saw one mother picking her crying 😒 son, depositing him on the side to bow down in sajdah. I had never seen him so cranky before. Later on his mood improved, and he became his sweet self again.

Coming home, I decided to tackle one of my chores. Son had bought some veggies home, including my favorite, which is okra. For the rest of the veggies I had managed to find space in the fridge, but okra, and ginger were still on the counter. Watching a hallmark movie I managed to wash, and cut the ladyfingers (okra), filled three bags, and stashed them in the freezer.

It had gone quite late by the time I finished, I went to my bedroom. Leaving the movie running, as I was interested in knowing the end, I went to the bathroom to clean my teeth, and wash my face —- bedtime rituals. As I was sitting on the sofa πŸ›‹, drying my feet, I glanced at the iPad screen to see the end. I was astounded 😳 to see the message on the screen which was whether I was watching the movie, as I wasn’t watching for the fifteen minutes I was away from the room?

I pressed the okay on screen to continue watching. Do people watch us through the camera as to what we are doing? I’m greatly perturbed.

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