The caring tag on one of my scarves was displaying the above symbols. I understood two of them. The upper left one meant washing by hand, and the symbol above on the right side meant very light iron. The rest I didn’t know, so decided to google, and here is what I found.

I remember the first time I washed one of my woolen shawls. I had never washed one of those before. There was no caring instructions on it. There are never any tags on the shawls I have bought, except for woolen scarves. I ruined my shawl by washing it in hot water. I know now that I shouldn’t have used hot water. I should have washed it in cold water.

Anyway it wasn’t a very expensive one, otherwise my heart would have stopped beating at damaging it. I have been careful after that episode, but not careful enough in storing my collection of shawls.

I had stored my shawls in a bag, but forgot to add mothballs. Imagine my misery when I returned home to Peshawar, Pakistan after a gap of nearly three years, that most of my shawls had holes in it, and they were ruined.

My heart didn’t stop beating, but I was morose for quite some time at the loss of my lovely shawls.


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