The Irony of It

Son came back home early from work. The first question he asked me was whether I had phoned his in laws on their wedding anniversary which is today. I didn’t know, and I hadn’t. The next was why don’t I keep track of his fiancée’s page on which she had posted a photo wishing her parents a happy anniversary?

To remedy it, I phoned her parents wishing them all the joy in the world, and many happy years ahead. 💐

Isn’t this ironic that Son remembers the day his would be in-laws got married, but he doesn’t remembers his own parents wedding anniversary?

No he didn’t wish me on mine which was twelve days before, and I didn’t remind him.


5 thoughts on “The Irony of It”

  1. Only 12 days before? Oy. I would have reminded him, had I been in this situation. You have a very nice heart. Ah, how often family members can cause us heartaches in such things as these, no? Happy belated Anniversary to you, Sheen.

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