The Return

On my last two forays to shops, I got terribly bored by Son dawdling over things, trying to make up his mind. This time I armed myself with a book — just in case I needed it to occupy myself, rather than staring aimlessly at pieces of merchandise. Bad idea!

Halfway home I realized with mounting dismay, that I had indeed left the book in the last store we visited. With great trepidation I announced it to Son, who wrathfully told me that I should never, ever take a book along on shopping. I told him to turn back, as I couldn’t face the embarrassment of telling a librarian that I had lost a book.

We entered the store from the exit side. The šŸ›’ wasn’t where I had last abandoned it. It had already being whisked in place. The first person we approached was a cleaner. He was intent on his work with a brush. Son asked him where should we go for the Lost&Found things? He looked uncomprehendingly at us???

I decided to elaborate,”I left a šŸ“– in one of the šŸ›’.

At that he said, “A book?”

“Yes”, I nodded my head.

We were lucky, as he was the one who had found the book. He led to us to a side office, and went inside to point us out to the woman inside. He held the book up. My face lighted at the sight of the missing book.

As a thank you I slipped a note to him, which he refused at first, but accepted it at my insistence. He had saved me from acute embarrassment, and a fine. He was my Saving Angel sent by Allah to help me.

2 thoughts on “The Return”

  1. You really would have been shocked to know the price a library would charge for the lost book. I have been charged for the “loss” AND the price fo the book too. To me, that seems totally unfair.

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