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I’m into sewing projects, and when I find a sewing item I like, I want to download it, and save it for a future project. I feel disappointed when it turns out it was just a promotion gimmick. My time gets wasted, which I could have used for something better.

I would like to put this question to those people who play hoaxes on unsuspecting persons, why do you do it? It leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Why advertise as free download? If the project price is written beforehand, and I don’t feel it’s worth it, I won’t click any further on it.

I often forget my passwords. I write them down in a notebook. The above thing happened on a site called Craftsy. Searching my notebook for the password I saw a cross on it. I thought maybe it wasn’t the correct password, so on the site I mentioned that I have forgotten it. After resetting, I went on the site, and found which had been a free download, I would have to pay through pay pal for it.

Only then I understood why I had put a cross on it.

7 thoughts on “Free Download”

    1. I felt cheated. It had happened with the same site, and I had totally forgotten. I have such a forgetful memory. The same site denudes my mailbox. Today I visited it, and got disappointment as a bargain.

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      1. I know what you mean. that happened to me trying to make my resume they claim it’s free but ask for your credit card because it costs something some sites even ask for the credit card with free trials. If it’s free then you don’t need my credit card.

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