A Lot of Mess

My readers must be wondering what has happened to me? It has been a long absence from writing. I arrived back in dusty Peshawar for a two months stay. A month is nearly over. My basic reason was to pay the taxes due on my properties, and try to sell my village home, and land. My evil step brother in law Bashir, and his cohorts had been trying to sell off my home, and land in my absence, but big thanks to God, they have been unsuccessful.

In my previous visit, I had found a buyer, but he backed off. This time I found another buyer. Mr. Evil sent his minions with gunmen to the property dealer to tell him that the buyer should deal with him as the said property belongs to him. After that they visited the buyer too to tell him the same lies. They have tried to malign my character too, that this woman is a big fraud who tries to sell off property to various people, and takes token money.

I’m filled with anger, grief, and disappointment over their deceit. My these step relatives are like a pack of hyenas surrounding me, spreading false rumors. Actually this year, the price of my property in the village shot up six times the original price, and they are salivating, wanting to grab what rightfully belongs to me , and my children.

I have written to the Services Directorate to deal with Mr. Evil, visited Deputy Commissioner Charsadda, and asked for police help. Further I have registered a complaint with the Portal of the new Prime Minister of Pakistan. Hopefully I look forward to a fair outcome to my problem.

I hope, and pray to Allah to resolve my problem . I used to tell my children to bring back my dead body after death, and bury me in the space towards my husband’s feet (a step aunt has been buried beside him. It was the space I wanted) Now I wouldn’t like to be buried in the same land as Mr. Evil.

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