Guests were visiting. One lady wanted to visit the bathroom. I guided her, and left her to arrange the tea trolley, and make tea. Later on after the guests left, I found wet sandals lying in the dressing room. I realized who did it. The guest should have asked me for bathroom slippers to wash her feet instead of ruining my footwear. Apparently she needed to make ablution for prayers, and not finding any bathroom slippers she decided to use mine for washing her feet, and thus ruining my footwear.

I find guests like the above vexing in behavior. I can never dream of using someone’s hairbrush, or comb, but that’s what one lady did, when she visited unexpectedly. Coming to call her for tea, I found her using my comb, and poking among the various items lying on my dressing table. Annoying!

Another time I found the wardrobe doors opened, and my things spilling out from it. I felt murderous towards the family I had invited to dinner at our home. Now what were they up to?

At other times I have tried to ignore when guest’s children open the fridge, or pantry door to grab foodstuff they like without asking for permission first. You will think it’s their home not ours.

I can go on, and on ………

4 thoughts on “Unexpected”

  1. I write about an aunt of mine (“aunt k” posts) who is the same way, always wanting something, and becoming vile when she doesn’t get her way.
    Privacy is very important. But there really some adults and children who dont know better.


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