Murray Lakes

We went to Oklahoma for a two days stay at a rented cabin. I had a bedroom to myself, although the children ragged me that I will be sharing a bunk bed with them. No way!

FJ (Son in law) was in charge of making burgers outside on the grill.

We went on a trail down to the lake for the children to try fishing. A lone πŸ¦† was enjoying the cold, wintry evening on the lake. The children tried to catch a few fishes, but weren’t successful. The fishes must have been hiding at the depths far below. Nola (daughter), and FJ remained busy with trying to to teach the young ones to fish. A cold wind blew making me shiver despite my warm clothes. I hid behind the bark of trees trying to get out of the full force of the wind range, while the kids thought I was doing some witchy rituals to keep warm. M5 found a rubber 🐠, and came to play with me in throwing it at me to catch. We played for a while till the grownups, and young ones decided to leave.

Nola stocked up on water, orange juice, ice creams, cereals for breakfast, milk, tea, oranges, grapes at the local Walmart. Laden with pizzas for our dinner, we returned to the cabin.

Next day we got up late. After having our breakfast, the kids played, and the grownups watched. FJ lighted up the grill to make us a burger πŸ” lunch, and a salad. Evening was a walk on the trails, while I was constantly reminding them for turning back in the gathering dusk.

Dinner was a at a local diner, where we got replete with fish to eat, before returning to the cabin to sleep. Next day we left after acquiring new magnets for our fridge doors.

2 thoughts on “Murray Lakes”

  1. I was surprised to see I had missed seeing this post on the Reader. Sounds like a wonderful day couple of days! Love that lake photo, although it is murky. I’ve only driven thru Oklahoma’s highway in passing. Didn’t get to see much of the state before. Very funny about the kids thinking you were doing something odd as you were trying to keep warm behind the tree. I’ve never stayed in a cabin and didn’t imagine there would be a grill outside if it. Great way to end the trip with a meal at a diner. 🍴🍡

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