As a mother, I always lookout for my children. A minor thing like not going to bed on time has me worried that Son won’t be getting sufficient sleep. I see when it’s getting late, I keep reminding him. It irritates him. Sometimes he listens, at other times he doesn’t.

I had to curtail my habit after our previous altercation. It was Monday night. He had told me that he would be getting up early at three in the morning to leave for his job. As the clock’s needles pushed past ten thirty, I reminded him. He didn’t say anything. Half an hour later, I reminded him again. Nothing doing!

The third time he growled at me, I gave up. Here, I was getting more worried for his sake, and it had no effect on him. Indignant 😠, I wrote a short tirade on my writing pad about his behavior, trying to get rid of my vexation with him. An hour, or so later he called a good night, whereas I didn’t sleep the whole night. Sleepless I didn’t sleep till the morning prayers.

Son wanted me to write down the recent expenses of his marriage. His lawyer had asked him for the details. After writing I handed it over to Son, forgetting the disparaging remarks I had written about him on the same note pad. I had not meant them for his eyes. Imagine my embarrassment when I saw my notepad lying on the table opened on the exact page.

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