Who I Saw

My likes/dislikes gets radically changed over a period of time, but some remain constant. For example I still like Di (Princess Diana), Harrison Ford, Brendan Fraser, Ellen DeGeneres, and so on. Dislikes which were likes before are Mel Gibson, Alec Baldwin, Kristen Stewart, Clint Eastwood, Oprah …..

I have never met any famous persons in real life, except like the Pakistani actor Muhammad Ali, and Indian actor Daleep Kumar. I was excited to see BF (Brendan Fraser) during my trip from Boston to Dallas via New York. Son, and I were parting ways there. He was going to Austin, and my destination was Dallas as daughter lives there. Son was standing in a long line for food (it looked everyone was hungry), while I was waiting way back.

Looking meaninglessly here, and there, I caught sight of BF. I was trying to determine whether he was the same person I thought him to be, all the while giving him sneaky glances.

He was too clever for me. Once he caught on that I was watching him covertly, he would look at the same time I would look at him. I would feel embarrassed at being caught, and look elsewhere. Oh, I dearly wanted to speak to him to ascertain whether he was the same guy I wanted him to be, but at heart I’m so chicken hearted. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out how to speak to a person whom you know figuratively but he may not want to be discovered.

I went, and tapped Son to ask his opinion. Son’s reply was a total No, no. Disappointed I moved back. BF had done the disappearing act.

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