Leaving, and Left

Wrote this earlier, but didn’t post:

At the end of June, Son and I will be leaving New Bedford, Massachusetts. I’m really sad. I don’t want to leave, whereas Son says that I can’t live alone, either I have to live with Nola (my daughter), or him.

One reason I don’t want to leave is: I get attached to a place wherever I live. It becomes heart wrenching. I will miss the cool air, and the seagulls, and the ocean. I will miss the snow fall.

I never thought that in a year’s time I will be leaving this place. Everything was so nearby: the post office, my bank, the library, and my healthcare. All were within walking distance. I don’t think we are ever getting a place to live elsewhere like the one we had here.

School building

St Luke hospital

An old church. In New Bedford there were churches on every corner.


My library which was at a short distance from our apartment.

Buildings in New Bedford were very old, eighteenth and nineteenth century constructions.


Have been traveling since Tuesday. The last two days were spent thoroughly cleaning the apartment. I have come to the conclusion that it’s bone tiring — all that packing, and cleaning. We are on the last leg of our journey, and are spending the night at daughter’s place.

Tomorrow Insha’Allah we will be reaching our new place. Hope we never have to leave again.

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