Son, and I shifted from Massachusetts to Texas last year in June. I was one month without a health insurance. My new health policy started in August. I had a skin issue which was really terrifying because I thought maybe it was cancer. Fortunately the growth was frozen, and removed.

This year when I went to file my tax return, I learnt that Massachusetts still had me on their healthcare. The 1095 they sent me was showing me till December. I couldn’t file due to it because the 1095 from Texas was from August till December. Despite repeated calls to Mass healthcare, they wouldn’t correct their files, and to add insult to injury Mass was still having me in the year 2020. For God’s sake anyone with half a mind could fathom out I couldn’t be in two places.

My worry was for getting charged. On advice from daughter, I sent my ID from Texas, the papers of the truck we had hired, and the apartment we had rented after reaching here.

Masha’Allah my tax return was accepted. The irony is Mass is still going on with the delusion, and I will be tearing my hair out at the end of December 2020 if they send me another 1095 showing me there.

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