Ramadan Mubarak

Yesterday April 24 was our first day of fasting. As the holy month is here may you be able to find Allah’s Mercy. May your life be full of peace and joy.

Last evening, I hurriedly watered my flowers, growing vegetables patch, and the fruit saplings in our backyard. The sun was still high up in the sky, and blistered my skin which is quite fragile, and easily burns. Normally I water the plants when the sun is sinking down the horizon, but yesterday was different. It was our first roza, and Son expected the Iftari to be ready when he opened his fast.

While I was working in the kitchen, Son ventured out to see the new moon 🌙.

IB (grandson) had come to us for the weekend. This time he had bought some samosas with him for opening his fast. Son, and I thought he would be sharing those with us, but it didn’t happen —- much to our disappointment. 🙁. He is a burgeoning chef, and told me he had made them himself. Of course the poor deluded person I am, I asked for the recipe, but no such luck! He refused saying it was his, and his mama’s secret.

Later on after finishing washing the dishes, Son and I went to have our daily walk. There was something bright shinning in the night sky. I thought it was a satellite, but guess what? It was Venus.

Lovely, isn’t it!

A little while later, when I squinted up at the sky, it had vanished

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