The Mask 😷

Son had given me the most coveted mask N95 to wear. It was uncomfortable. Seeing other ladies with colorful masks, I wanted one too. I got the cloth, and managed to make one. When I showed it to IB (grandson) he found faults with it. The first one that the virus 🦠 could easily pass through it.

He put his grubby fingers inside, and out, holding it against his one eye, β€œI can see through this.” I wrestled it from his contaminated fingers.

He had a swathe of hair hiding his right eye. He looks like the actors from the fifties, or is it the sixties in the old movies. I’m always telling him to cut his hair. Son, and I are worried 😦 that his eye will deteriorate with the curtain of hair falling in his eye, but our advice goes unheeded. I joked, β€œIs that why (I gestured) you are having that as a mask?” β€œYes.” He confirmed. β€œWhat about the other one?”

β€œOne side protection is enough for the other side.” He smirked.

On the other hand when M3 (granddaughter) saw my mask, she wanted one exactly like that. I promised to make a couple, and send them to her. What a different view!

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