Day Fifty (A Journey with Quran)

Surah An Nisa: Ayats 121 — 130

(His followers) will have their dwelling in Hellfire, and they’ll find no way out. [121]

However, We’re soon going to admit those who believed and did what was morally right into gardens beneath which rivers flow – and there they shall remain forever! Allah’s promise is true, and whose word can be more honest than Allah’s? [122]

Neither your desires nor the desires of the Followers of Earlier Revelation (can prevail). Whoever does wrong will be repaid accordingly, and he’ll find neither a best friend nor helper besides Allah. [123]

Whether they’re male or female, whoever does what’s morally right and has faith will enter the Garden, and not the least bit of injustice will be done to them. [124]

Whose way of life can be better than the one who submits himself to Allah, does what’s morally right and follows the creed of Abraham, the natural monotheist? Indeed, Allah even took Abraham as a friend. [125]

Everything in the heavens and on the earth belongs to Allah, and He embraces all things. [126]

They’re asking you for instructions (on how to treat) women, so tell them, “Allah (Himself) gives you (men) instructions on (how to treat) them. (Follow) what’s been recited to you in (this) book concerning women who have orphaned children, and from whom you’re withholding their rightful property – and yet you seek to marry them (to get at their wealth or you avoid marrying them without letting them marry others in order to keep control of their property)! And also (follow the rules that you have been given concerning) the helpless children (in your midst). Your (duty) is to do justice to orphans, (so you must be fair and give widowed women and their orphaned children their inheritance)! There’s not any good deed that you can do, without Allah knowing all about it.” [127]

If a wife fears aggressively defiant behavior from her husband or is afraid he will abandon her, it isn’t wrong for them if they arrange a fair settlement between themselves (to mutually alter the stipulations of the marriage contract or initiate a divorce). A (fair) settlement is best, even though people’s souls are swayed by greed. If you do good and guard yourselves (against committing injustice, remember that) Allah is well-informed of whatever you do. [128]

You’ll never be able to achieve fairness between women, (if you happen to have more than one wife), no matter how hard you try, though don’t turn away (from one wife) altogether, as if you were leaving her to languish. If you come to a friendly understanding and remain aware (of your duty to Allah, know that) He’s forgiving and merciful. [129]

However, if (a married couple) has irreconcilable differences (and must separate), Allah will provide for all concerned from His abundance, for Allah is the One Who cares for all things and is wise. [130]

Translation: Yahiya Emerick

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