The snow was unexpected. Getting my breakfast, I glanced outside, and saw the outside covered with snow. I called to Coco (daughter in law) to look outside. She was delighted, and came down the stairs to take photographs of outside to send to her parents, and sisters.

In the evening Son was assigned a case in Dallas. Just before that, he asked me whether I would like to go to Macy’s. His second wedding anniversary was coming up, and he needed to buy a gift for his wife. I declined to go with them, as I didn’t want to leave the warmth of my bed. Few moments later, he was again in my room asking me to get ready for going to Dallas. I snuggled back in my blanket telling him to let me doze, and wherever they wanted to go they were welcome to it, just let me lie in peace.

“You don’t won’t to visit Nola? We are leaving for Dallas.” And then it registered what he was saying. I got ready in record time. We were soon on our way. The roads were hazardous. Our car skidded twice, and we barely escaped injuries. Son had to drive slowly on the icy roads. There was hardly any traffic.

The snow outside daughter’s home in Dallas.

The snow melted two days later.

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