Mini Rock Garden

My outdoor rock garden
My indoor cactuses

My outdoor rock garden suffered a draught of water, while I was away, so there were casualties. Some didn’t survive. I have removed the dried ones. I thought I had removed all of them, but after taking the photo, I can see the one I missed.

My indoor cactuses had one too. It had turned black by getting more water than needed.

Every year it’s like gaining new knowledge about plants. Last year it was about growing pineapples. They didn’t survive my absence of two months plus getting entombed in snow during the month of February. There are some really mini ones growing in a plastic container. I’m waiting for them to grow a bit stronger before planting them outside.

This year it was roses, and how easy it was to grow them from cuttings. I have Masha’Allah about nine of them of them now grown from cuttings. I wish I had this knowledge years before.

I had a Dracaena. In a way still have it. It hanged onto life with tenacity when I wasn’t there to rescue it. Last year it was about to give up for forever by turning a sickly yellow, I transferred it from the pot to the ground. It started flourishing. I was so happy. Come February, and the snow got it. The only remain was an ugly, dry, black stump. For a month I let it be, then tired with waiting for it to show any sign of life by turning green, I tried to pull it from the ground. It wouldn’t budge. I left it for Son to help me with pulling it out.

Son, as usual with him wasn’t home. He would be away some place else. Thank God for miracles. Lovely new green leaves sprouted from the base of the ugly stump. Masha’Allah.

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