Mowing Lawn

I have to practically badger my son to to cut the gigantic grass (due to Son’s negligence) growing front, and back. As the grass grows over the acceptable length, I start reminding him to find time to cut the grass, to which he listens with half an ear. I find that my recriminations goes in through one ear, and goes out through the other one. Then once in a blue moon he cuts the grass. After doing the needful, he forgets all together, that it has to be done every week (in summers). If not then every two weeks.

Time, and again, I tell him to engage a grass mowing service, to which his reply is that he needs the exercise. I dislike my constant reminders. Now what to do?

One thing I can do is to take care of the grass myself. I don’t want to do it. Why? Because it will become my additional chore.

Since yesterday I have been at it again: the reminders. In the morning the excuse was that he had to finish his office work. I consoled myself with the thought that he may do it in the evening. The excuse in the evening was that it was forty five minutes to Maghreb prayers, so it couldn’t possibly be done.

Today I waited till it was ten. I phoned to remind him. He wouldn’t pick up the phone. I sent him a message, “Coming up the stairs to pound your door.”

The instant reply,” Please knock on the adjoining door.”

Son in law who is on an Eid visit is sleeping in the next room.

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