The Froggy Saga

It was late in the evening. I came to the garage to get the shopping from the car trunk. As the hood went up, I saw a tiny, green frog perching in a corner. I jumped, and shrieked at the sight of it. The frog looked askance at my discovering its’ new home. With heart palpitations, I was now wondering what to do? If I tried to shoo it out, it would jump right inside the car.

Son was as usual miles away in a another state. That only left my daughter in law. Knowing she was an even bigger coward than me ( I’m not making it up. She runs a mile if she sees a small bug) I realized glumly the only person left to help me was myself. Hoping the frog won’t move, I hurried to get a brush from the opposite corner of the garage.

My strategy was to hold the 🐸, and flick it out. My eyes went shut involuntarily the moment my brush reached it’s target. It wasn’t there where I last saw it. Afraid that it might have jumped right inside, or it might have jumped out, I didn’t know the outcome.

Next day I was at Costco. I opened the trunk, and there it was looking at me with his buggy eyes. I shrieked again at it’s sighting. I’m thankful there weren’t any shoppers nearby. I didn’t have anything to push it out. I tried to get a twig from the nearby bushes. It wasn’t a big one, and it crumbled right into my hands.

Espying workers cleaning at the far end of the parking area, I went to them. They spoke Spanish, and I English. When I asked them to help me, they shook their heads all the time saying no, and no. I begged ‘Please’. Probably they understood the word, and followed me to my car. The critter was still there. One of the men smilingly captured the 🐸 within his hands, and put it on the ground. I thanked them for their help, and hurriedly drove away, apprehensive at the thought that it might decide to join me on the journey home.

Now that wasn’t the end. Next day was daughter in law’s checkup day. There were only fifteen minutes left to get her to the appointment. I opened my side to find another one perched right there. The involuntary shriek happened, but it didn’t faze the thing. It kept staring at me with it’s bulging eyes. I didn’t have time to do anything about it. I slid into the driver’s seat over it, praying it won’t jump inside the car, and closed the door.

Visitors are not allowed with the patient inside, so I waited for d in law in the car. By this time I had forgotten my adversary beneath my car door. I had thought to lose it at the hospital premises. Whether it came back to home with me, or not, I haven’t seen it again.

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